I’m back!

December 22, 2009

Hey this is Game Junky! (I realized i was trying to get in this site the last year with the wrong username).


Quiting bloging

August 19, 2008

Hey guys this is Game Junky.

I’m lacking on hits so I’m going to delete my blog,

Unless I have 2,000 or more hits in 30 days.

So I need the hits by September 18th.

Well, bye.



Rune Scape Glitches

July 23, 2008

Hey guys this is Game Junky!

I’m going to start making some Rune Scape glitches!

Just go to the page entitled Rune Scape Glitches [+|_| :].

If you have any for me send a comment!


No quit.

July 18, 2008

Hey guys this is Game Junky.

Well i guess i won’t quit CP.

I’ll go on occasionally.

But I’m going to go on Runescape most of the time.

Well, try to find me on Runescape or CP!



July 17, 2008

Hey guys this is Game Junky!

I’m quiting CP.

I just started Runescape, and it’s funner.

I’m still keeping my penguin though.

My accounts name on Runescape is,

S Viking (Silver Viking)

I’m usually on server 1

But i might become a member and go on a different server.

So try to find me on Runescape!


CP is down

July 15, 2008

This is Mariobro109. back after a long break. (about two months)

CPs down today because they’re adding the following:

penguin mail

igloo backrounds (forest befind your igloo)

playercard sort

and a buddy log in system.

and check out my minicity: http://mariobro109.myminicity.com/

  Mariobro109 🙂



Guessing Contest!

July 5, 2008

Het guys this is Game Junky,

I’m having a guessing contest.

Whoever can guess my first name first gets the password to my penguin Game Junky!

You can guess as many times as you want!

So start commenting!